Cleaner Suite for PC

Cleaner Suite PC Cleaner Software is One Useful Tool That is Capable of Cleaning the Entire Junk From Your Device.

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Cleaner Suite - A Powerful Software

Cleaner Suite will make your computer run like new and will also provide privacy protection. No more system lagging with this PC cleaner as you can easily bring all the unnecessary programs to a halt, speed up the boot time, and optimize system and network settings.Just one click and all your junk files will be completely removed from your device that will ultimately increase the storage space. The auto-clean feature doesn’t require your intervention to get the junk files off the system. With Clean Suite PC cleaner, there is no need to worry about privacy risks. Use the anti-tacking feature and remove all threats and potential risks.

Remove Junk

Clears all the Junk files from your system, hence adds to storage space. Just one click and all the junk files will be taken off from your device.

PC Boost

Get rid of system lagging and make your PC faster than ever. Run Cleaner Suite and improve the PC boost time and productivity.

Clear Privacy Risks

Overcome all the privacy risks and make your PC a safe place to work. The software will clear all your browser history and cookies so that your identity is protected.

Fix Driver Issues

An all-in-one software to get rid of all the PC driver issues. Cleaner Suite scans and removes all the possible threats from your device leading to driver issues.

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Cleaner Suite has been developed keeping in mind the demand of today’s generation. A cleaning software that
is capable of keeping PCs free from threats, viruses and other malicious content. It adds to the speed and functionality of the system by removing junk files and make it faster than ever.

Some Awesome Features of the Software

Intelligent Auto-clean

No need of a reminder as it auto cleans all the junk files at regular intervals.

One-click to boost

One-click is enough to fix all the system lagging and enhancing the speed of the device.

Privacy Protection

Complete protection from all online threats and removal of all the unsafe records and history of the browser.

File Shredder

Deleted the entire contents of unsecured or deleted files making it irrecoverable for misuse.